Am I fit enough for running in Barcelona?
When you’re able to run about one hour. Anyone who loves running, will enjoy it in Barcelona as well.

Are the Running Guides too fast for me?
You set the pace. And if you need a breather – something that can happen in the early morning even to the best runners– we will walk for a few minutes.

Why are the routes offered only between 6 and 10 a.m.?
First: from 10 a.m. on the city is not runable anymore. Running zigzag and slalom is the best way of loosing fun and the risk of hurting oneself would increase unnecessarily.
Second: normally in the summertime from 10 a.m. on it’s way too hot to have fun while running.

Are there any exceptions concerning the timetable?
Yes. In the wintertime, from October until April routes can be booked from 10 a.m. on as well. In the wintertime the routes start at the break of dawn.

In case my hotel is not situated close to the chosen route – what should I do?
We offer a pick up service. The Running Guide will pick up the client and then travel on together to the route by taxi or Metro. The costs for the roundtrip, and an extra charge depending on the consumed time will have to be paid by the client.

Are there any exceptions concerning the meetingpoint?
If the desired meetingpoint is located on the route, it’s possible to begin there, but only by arrangement.

How does the payment work?
The amount has to be paid in cash. Receipt will be given.

Until when it is possible to make a booking?
Via e-mail until 4 p.m. of the previous day, afterwards by telephone.


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